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Three Month Three Module solution
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Have you got a personal container of documents ready?
Birth certificates
Insurance documents
Medical records
Marriage license
Divorce decree
Social security documents
Vehicle tiles
Back up of computer files, phone files
Money and tradeables just in case

Trying to get your life back in order after losing your home will take less time if you have your basic records protected and with you in a weather proof container. Try talking to bureaucrats, without documentation!

Be sure to cycle your stored food before it goes out of date!

REMEMBER history has shown that in times of community, local, state or national panic supermarkets run out of supplies within a few days and rationing commences. Most basics are GONE BEFORE YOU GET THERE!



Naturally this assumes you already have some foods in the pantry you would grab, tents, sleeping bags, some camping equipment, tarps, tools, boots, blankets, protein bars, warm clothes, whistle etc. and if not you would include shelter and sleeping equipment. This list changes from time to time as new technologies emerge. However the basics are the same so keep an eye out on this page for emerging trends. It is all well and good to have a generator and fuel based cooking but after a while these supplies run out and replenishment may be impossible for some time. Gas canisters, LPG bottles etc will be OK for a while but eventually you may have to last without being able to replenish these fuels. Fires will be OK if wood is plentiful but your exit plan may not be to a wooded area. You can stockpile cans and buckets and bags of food at home but what if you have to leave in a hurry how will you carry it all, is the car big enough to hold you, your family and provisions? Generally the answer is NO! So some planning is important! And finally what if you were home and had no power or water or hygiene facilities? Would you cope?
Here is a list of twenty top items you should consider as part of your preparedness planning!

1. Light weight food provisions - just add water
2. No fuel cooking stove - eg. BIOLITE (one per person) or family version
3. Solar cooking oven using the suns heat to cook - eg. SUNOVEN SUNROCKET Kettle
4. Eco-Pot or equivalent for thermal food cooking and food heat retention eg. ECO-POT
5. Water purifier/filter per person - eg. Berky, Life Straw & Purification tablets
6. 80w to 120w Solar panel fold out with deep cycle battery and inverter & OR Condor Wind Generator
7. Rechargeable lights, torches, tent, camp, candles
8. UHF two way radios for communication
9. Shortwave/ Longwave radio for news updates - crank handle unit preferred
10. Solar shower bag & shower tent
11. Sanitation: Toilet bucket (porta loo) and bags, chemicals, paper & shovel
12. One or more sheath knives and machette
13. Compound bow/rifle for hunting game, slingshot
14. Small folding table (BUG-OUT BOX can be used as a table) and chair(s)
15. Eating & cooking utensils, plates, dish cleaning etc.
16. Fire starters, water proof matches, camp cast iron oven & tripod
17. First aid kit, bandages, medications, personal hygiene items, mirror, towels
18. Fuel & Water jerry can(s) and fishing tackle
19. 20L bucket with lid and handle
20. Satellite phone - communication with other assuming mobile network down

During a crisis, you might not have the time or resources, nor will you be in the right frame of mind to consider everything that you need to. This reiterates the importance of making well?thought out plans and storing supplies before disaster hits and you're surrounded by chaos. Therefore, you need to take precautions now - before it's too late. It's not an easy thing to know how to prepare for a disaster for the simple fact that they are all so dissimilar. On the surface, it seems an exercise in futility. Who knows what might happen? Or when? And who can do any preparation at all when a wildfire is bearing down on your home or a tornado hits? However, just because you can't prepare for all, doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for any. There are ways and means of creating a preparedness state of mind. And that's what Gone Before You Get There is all about. This site is designed to reveal a number of systems and tactics that are little known to the general public - tactics which could mean your very survival. The site holds a wealth of additional helps and resources. The key, of course, is in preparedness! It's in having a solid, well thoughtout plan set in place well ahead of time. This includes mental adjustments as well as physical.


Below we have included some info on some of the latest technology releases for self reliance.

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SunROCKET Solar Kettle

Heat and boil water using the sun then close the solar wings and keep the water hot as a thermos.
Great for all kinds of uses.Product Description Portable solar hot water heater and flask The SunRocket is an amazing way to heat and boil water using simply sunlight. Using the latest in solar thermal technology, the SunRocket uses an evacuated tube, boosted by reflective panels to absorb solar heat. When opened it can heat water in as little as 30 minutes then when closed can keep hot for hours. The contents only come in contact with pure clean glass making it safe and healthy to use.

The SunRocket is perfect for:

• Eco living, home energy saving
• Picnics, BBQs, outdoor events
• Travel - camping, campervan, hiking
• Sporting - Fishing, boating, sailing, tennis, golf etc.
• Emergency preparedness and disaster response
• Melting snow into drinking water
• Rehydrate dehydrated foods
• Military / aid agencies
• Farm and field work
• Popular gift idea

Can also be used to cook simple foods. The SunRocket is scratch and weather resistant, compact and lightweight. It’s made from eco friendly materials under ethical working conditions.Specifications:

Dimensions: 45x11x11cm (17.7x4.3x4.3inches)
Volume: 500ml (17oz)
Weight: <1kg (2.2lbs)

Evacuated vacuum glass tube made from Vycor glass (95% silica, high temperature and thermal shock resistant) and copper / aluminum absorption. Reflective aluminum panels, high quality scratch and weather resistant plastics, pressure release valve.


Why Choose the BioLite CampStove?
Forget the fuel Charge your gadgets Have fun Stay green. Be prepared Support a better world. Our stoves cook your meals with nothing but the twigs you collect on your journey, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas. It's quick to light, fast to boil and clean to use. By converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, our stoves will recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while you cook dinner. Like a campfire, you can sit around the CampStove and watch the flames dance as you roast marshmallows and tell stories with friends.

500ML soft pouch

12L Black Bottle LONG LIFE


Available in 1.5L soft packs. We provide Australian manufactured long life (Up to 5 years shelf life*) drinking water and we are now offering the amazing S.O.S. LONG LIFE EMERGENCY DRINKING WATER in a variety of packages for easy storage. We call this SMART WATER. The products are ideal for mines, remote locations, civic shelters, emergency shelters, marine survival rations, military applications, bunkers etc. For safety and disaster management we have a variety of solutions! We offer a range of containers for easy storage and transport. This Australian made long term water supply can be tailored to suit per person rations, group rations or indeed community rations. Some packaging like the 500ml ration packs will provide you with just the right amount of water for freeze dried food packet survival meals and several satchels will provide daily sustenance in an emergency. Easy to store, long term water supply, BPA free packaging and scientifically balanced mineral content and 7.9ph alkaline for health and well being in an emergency. We have scientifically formulated LONG LIFE WATER with 5 years* shelf life.? We have taken natural Australian spring water and added nutrients for health and have formulated a scientific process to increase the longevity of the water. This means water storage can be far more cost effective! For mines, bunkers, civic shelters and underground requirements we can provide long term water with no light penetration. Ideal for storing long term water satchels for emergency conditions for up to 5 years*

TIP . . .
Most people are unaware that a tincture of Iodine 2%, common iodine solution (found in most first aid kits), and chlorine bleach can all be used to disinfect surface water. You can read up on this method of water purification in any good survivalist guide. This is an inexpensive method and one you need to learn.

ECO-POT and cooking pots


The Ecopot 24/7 is the market leader in thermal cookware. With multiple power source options, designed for use when travelling extensively, and built stronger and more durable than any other cooker, this is the top of range when it comes to portable thermal cooking appliances.

The 3 Basic Steps to Thermal Cooking
1.Place ingredients into inner pot and bring food to boil
2.Place inner pot/s into the Ecopot and close lid
3.Keep Ecopot lid closed until ready to eat

The 3 commonly asked questions
1.How long do I leave the pots on the heat source for?
2.When inner pot transferred to Ecopot, how long will meal take to cook?
3.How long will the meal stay hot for?

Every Ecopot comes with a comprehensive cooking guide to answer these questions. It details how long to put food on the stove for, then how long it takes to fully cook, ready to eat. It takes the guesswork out of cooking thermally. Food varieties ranging from meat, seafood, vegetables, pastas, rice, cakes and even breads is covered. Outer thermally insulated pot (referred to as the Ecopot) and two inner cooking pots (referred to as the cooking pots). The Ecopot is fully insulated with a thermal membrane, body, lid and base. This membrane retains trapped heat. The inner pots are the workhorses, they are the pots you prepare and cook food in.You start the cooking process off somewhere, be it a kitchen stovetop, gas burner, induction cooker or open campfire. Once food comes to the boil, transfer the cooking pot into the Ecopot, which will finish cooking the meal. It’s similar to, but very different to a slow cooker. Slow cookers cook food at a constant set temperature, they never vary. This often leads to food being overcooked. Thermal cookers are different, they lose around 5% of heat per hour and food can never be overcook.


This item will enable you to cook your meals using the heat from the suns rays. You put your food inside the sun oven and it cooks all day and the meal is ready in the evening. Cooks just about anything your nomal oven will cook (except fried foods)! Make soups, roasts, BBQ, cakes, bread and much much more!

Use anywhere on the surface of the planet!

Condor (or other model) wind powered electricity generator is a must have. SOlar is fine when weather permits but there is usually always a breeze sin most locations and regions are rated by WIND REGION standards so you can customise your blades and system to suit your local conditions. Electricity can be generated even in the most light of winds day and night so you can keep the batteries charging nearly all of the time. A combo of solar cells and wind power will give you greater peace of mind. Visit this site to explore wind turbines and watch videos about the benefits.


You can easily build a tower and buy a kit you can self install. Of we can install it for you!

Wind blows day and night / rain or shine. Solar only works good for about 8 hours and day or so and that is if it's not raining or snowing. As a rule when solar stops working the conditions are usually great for wind power! Build a mixed system with both wind and solar but don't get stingy on the wind energy side. Do yourself a favor and get at least 4 to 5 wind turbines. Putting up one turbine is a waste of time just like one solar panel is a waste of time. Running a home on AE can require a steady 1500 to 2500 watts of input day and night assuming you already own a BIG battery or grid feeder.


POWER Source 1800


Solar Powered Backup System Provides Instant Electrical Power In Any Outage Or Disaster. Even Better...
Backup Kit Produces An Endless Supply Of Electricity For Free!There is now a completely portable (and ultra-high efficient) solar power generator which produces up to 1800 watts of household electricity on demand when you need it most. News of this "solar backup generator" (it's the first "off-the-grid" breakthrough in 50 years) is spreading like wildfire all across the country! Why? The answer is easy. You see, this solar generator is extremely powerful and yet very simple to use. It produces continuous electricity and runs with absolutely no noise whatsoever. It emits no fumes. But the best part about the solar generator is that it...

Generates Free Electricity! The unit then stores the power for your use when you need it. We all face natural disasters, with hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms cutting off electrical power to millions of Americans each year. Then there are man-made disasters and outages. Blackouts and rolling brownouts are becoming common in many parts of the United States as our politicians herd us off into third-world status. And never forget the possibility of a terrorist attack directed at a few of our nation's power plants. Since the nation's power grids are all "connected," crippling one plant starts a cascading downward spiral of darkness. Your neighbors will be clueless when it finally does happen, expecting the government to "do something" to get their precious cable TV back on. The truth is, we are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of meltdowns that can create temporary or even permanent electrical outages. That's why if you are one of the few Americans that have eyes to see and ears to hear with respect to the hard times ahead. In fact, you can also expect rising electrical rates very soon, as promised by the new administration. That's why you need to...

Have A Backup System In Place! The Solar generator kit consists of three main components which work together to create a very efficient home power plant. The massive "generator-backup", the high efficiency solar panel, and the charge controller. In fact, when you compare a solar generator to a gas generator, the difference is pretty remarkable. Here's why. First, gas generators make an incredible amount of racket... if you can even get them started. I say that because in this part of the country (Northern Illinois), the time of year we are likely to lose our electricity is in the winter, during an ice or snow storm. Generally the wind breaks the power lines, which get covered with ice and snow. Typically, when you lose power here, you go to the garage, roll out the generator and start pulling the cord. You pull and pull some more, all because your generator has been sitting in the cold and the carburetor is playing hard to get. This is not a lot of fun in the dark. Another reason to avoid gas generators is that you just can't run one in your house. The fumes from a gas generator force you to run it outside and rely on a lot of cords coming through windows or doors to bring the power inside. Again, this is assuming you can get your gas generator started in the first place. But the number one reason you don't want to be caught in a time of crisis with a gas generator is... Gas Stations Can't Pump Gas Without Electricity! Yes. It's true. When the power goes out, you're left with whatever gas you have on hand because the gas station pumps all run on electricity. A few gallons stored in a gas can means a little electricity for a little while, then it's quickly back to black. Look... I could go on and on about life without electricity and what nightmare gas generators can be. But here's the bottom line.

Paste these links into your browser and be amazed!


If there are other topics you would like us to prepare let us know by email and we will research and advise.

Ideal for quick bug-out in an emergency.

3 tier modular survival solution you can build on as budget permits. Buy all three now or acquire over time.

Includes an 8 X 5 Caged trailer for those with tow bars and a stack of extras including toilets, showers, solar, generators etc..



Long term food and water only based on required duration and number of persons.

Ideal for large families or small groups with food, water, shelter and much more. Based on required duration and number or persons.
Ideal for large families and groups. Food, Water, Shelter, Tools, Communications and much more.



The ultimate top of the range survival assistance package including personal transport.



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TIP . . .Water purification - use a sock, some sand, charcoal and local grass Pour sand into sock, then charcoal, then layer of grass, twiggs etc.
Pour water into sock and the ingredients will do the filtering.

TIP . . . When everyone else is making a run for the grocery store to grab up what food is left… if any, few will be heading for the pet food aisles. But you should - whether or not you have a dog. Wet or dry dog food will keep from two to five years. And in a case of extreme conditions, humans can and may need to eat the dog food. Today when your stomach is full, it may sound gross, but when starvation sets in, things will look totally different. Realize that while others are gazing at empty shelves, you are grabbing up real food in the pet aisle. Don't overlook such vital survival tactics. One other step in this direction is to locate the nearest farm supply store. (In rural areas they are plentiful, in urban settings you may need to search them out. Look in the Yellow Pages under feed stores, tack stores, and also veterinary supply centers.) During a crisis situation, there won't be a crowd here either. These stores stock a product called calf milk replacer which consists of dried milk and is fortified with protein and various vitamins. This powder comes in 10lb and 50lb bags. It is palatable for humans, and mixed with water could be another life saver. It's a trick few will be aware of. But you will!

TIP: Heat, Hypothermia can be deadly. This is a fact that many quickly learned during the severe December 2007 ice storm in the Midwest. In our modern dwellings, families seldom have alternative heat sources. When the power goes; so does the heat. A simple tip for staying warm in a crisis wintry condition is to create an insulated sleeping bag created from two large garbage bags. Place one inside the other, and fill the space between with wadded up newspapers. This works best if one person stands upright inside the inner bag and holds the bags in place while a second person fills with newspapers. Duct tape works to hold the edges in place. Dressed in layered clothing and cocooned inside such a makeshift sleeping bag could spell the difference between life and death. In sub?zero conditions with no power available, create a "warm" room from the smallest room in the house and keep out cold air by hanging blankets at the windows (at night) and pillows and couch cushions at the doorways. The more people in the warm?room, the more heat energy produced. Hopefully this room has a south?facing window in order to collect all available sunlight during daylight hours. Space heaters have many dangers, especially those requiring fuel, which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This danger, plus the fire danger, is responsible for killing more people during a winter power outage than does the cold itself. Try to use as many natural methods for warmth as possible. As with all the tactics discussed here, these survival concepts should be well thought out long before the crisis hits.






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