From an American Patriot . . .

Ex-Military's Custom Blueprints Guaranteed To Save Your Family During The Coming Long-Term Crisis…
Without *EVER* Relying On Anyone Else (Not Even The Government!)

… and without wasting your money and time on useless survival books… or expensive ready-meals that threaten your family's health!

Discover the outrageous LIE you`re being told every day… that directly affects YOUR family`s future
See how 4 dangerous myths Americans believe in can instantly kill your chances of survival...
… and how a few simple tweaks in your survival plan can add at least 6 months of complete self-sufficiency
You're One Mega-Disaster Away From Being Sucked InThe Dreaded "Perfect Storm"...

This means that in the current economic climate and the social panic that gets more psychotic every day… ANY mega disaster can cause a major crisis that will last NOT a couple of weeks… but months … or even YEARS!

Fact #1:
The USA is NOT prepared for another Katrina-size disaster

Can You Put A Price On Your Family's SAFETY?

So I arrived at "the base" that morning… a little nervous, I must admit… I'd heard a lot about him before I enrolled for his course… he was said to be the "tough guy" that could pin you to the floor with his cold steel look. So I was kind of nervous when I got to the camp that day… Especially when I heard his harsh, raspy voice saying "Good morning"… and a little voice in my head started screaming: Time for you to go home NOW!
I'm just kidding… but I've got to say… I wasn't feeling very comfortable, being face to face with this Iron Man dressed in camouflage pants… However, the moment we shook hands and introduced ourselves, I instantly knew I could put my whole life in his hands and never worry for a moment.
And, boy... was I right! For the next two days, John showed us EVERYTHING an American could possibly need to know about how to protect their family, their home… and even their community!… against any disaster, no matter how unexpected.
In just two days, I discovered…
Ingenious, yet oh-so-simple techniques to turn your home into a rock-solid "bunker"… simply by using stuff you already have around the house (or you could find for FREE!)
Stockpiling strategies that I never would've even thought of… but PROVEN to keep all your supplies as fresh as day 1 for months… some even for years!
How to heat your home if the grid breaks down during a disaster… without using unreliable generators… and spend all your money on fuel (I mean, have you seen the price on gas?!)
And many, many more
And, as John was showing us some amazing herbal remedies for diabetes (that's right, there are 3 plants known for curing this awful illness!)… I remembered a talk I'd just had with my neighbor a couple of days before.
He moved from New Orleans three months after Katrina ravaged his house. He believes God saved him and his family from the disaster – two days before the chaos began, they all left town and went to Memphis to visit his sick mother.He was so shocked of what he found when he went back home… that he's become the most obsessive survival fanatic I've ever seen! The only problem is... he's spent ALL his money (including college money he'd been saving for his daughter!) on MREs, expensive energy generators, solar-powered water filters, tools and meds (his wife is diabetic, so he falls over backwards to get her some spare insulin).

So I wrote down everything John said about these herbal meds, thinking how thrilled my pal would be when I hand him his wife's salvation... and help him save $100s!

Disasters STRIKE When You Least Expect It…

They're completely unpredictable. One day everything's fine, the next – you're on the highway to hell, with your house crashing to pieces – all because of an earthquake. Or a flood. Or even a terrorist attack!
It's NOT your fault. You don't control this. But what you DO control is your family's future. Your family's safety. Their health and well-being.I know, it sounds frightening… seems like a huge responsibility… but here's the thing: with a little guidance, you can easily build a bullet-proof protection for your home and family… and you don't need to be a survival guru like John. In fact, you could be the least handy person in the world and not even know how to open a can… and you'd still pull it off 100%!
You see, this complete survival guide was designed for people with no survival experience or knowledge .
It covers EVERYTHING you need to know to protect your loved ones from disasters… and the imminent long-term food crisis… all explained in plain English & with detailed, practical information…
It saves you loads of money with tips on the most affordable survival items… the best deals and offers… and alternatives you can buy at half the price of the name brands…
And it guarantees YOU will master the military's best survival techniques like a real expert… without going through the same exhausting process. It's a shortcut TESTED and approved by John Lahan himself… while he was training young soldiers in Afghanistan.

And if you're still not convinced this IS your easiest way to a rock-solid protection… Here's just a small preview of what you'll find inside:

That's why people like you and I end up believing a 2-month stockpile and a big toolbox can get us through any disaster… After all, it's much more than any of our neighbors prepared, right?
Well, that's the whole problem. 97% of Americans don't even KNOW a mega-crisis is coming our way… and they're stubborn in believing nothing could ever hurt them or their families.
In fact, there are 4 DEADLY lies most Americans believe in (possibly even YOU!). And right on this very page, you can see for yourself how they can harm your loved ones… and what YOU can do about it.
Just take a look, it's going to save your family one day:

LIE #1:
"Water's never going to be a problem! We've got tap water running, right?"
Sure we do… The problem is… tap water could kill your family in 3 days' time!
Tap water is filled with bacteria that can get you instantly sick. Symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, vertigo… and even fainting or severe tremble are common among people who drink tap water.
Also, there are at least 6 dangerous toxins in it you might not know about (and you'll find them revealed in all their deadliness inside this course)… toxins that can destroy your liver, give you ulcer and the worst one… they can cause cancer.
But if you know how to make your own 4-step water filter the Lahan way, then you've got nothing to worry about these horrible diseases. You're guaranteed at least 4 months of clean, safe water for your family… and you can keep living a healthy life in your own home.
Luckily, you'll find everything you need to know about making your water filter in The Long-Term Family Survival Course, thanks to John's simple instructions and tips:
Make your own pro-level purification system with just a few bucks. You can find 99% of the parts for free and build the system in just a couple of hours, no matter your skill level.
The six threats you drink every day without knowing… and how to kill 96% of them WITHOUT adding chemicals that cause cancer (like the chlorine used by other purification systems).
Get clean water without wasting all the essential minerals your body needs (unlike other purification processes that drain all the good stuff out of water).
How to filter water when you're traveling. It only takes you 20 minutes and a few common items you can get for free and you can drink Mexico tap water with no fear whatsoever!
How to store water to keep it perfectly clean for months… Just one tiny change that won't take you more than a minute will guarantee the water your kids drink is safe and absolutely harmless.

LIE #2:
I'm stockpiling already, so surely I'll be ready for anything when the crisis hits…

If you're already preparing for the imminent crisis… and you've started building your stockpile… let me congratulate you. You clearly care about your family and you want to protect them from getting hurt.
But if you really want to make sure nothing ever happens to them during a disaster… you need to understand that… not any kind of stockpiling can guarantee your family's survival on the long run.
John has been trained for any kind of crisis and shortage – short-term and long-term – and he knows the 44 items that should never miss from your storage room… and also the 7 Golden Rules of storage that will keep all your food in perfect condition for years!
Here are some more tips you'll find in the manual:
The 12 essential supplies you must always have around you to survive any disaster… No. 3, 8 and 15 are life-savers!
What NOT to eat or drink when you're out of canned food and bottled water. Some seemingly harmless foods can make you and your family sick... but I'll show you exactly what to avoid and protect your family's health.
The common mistake that can instantly leave you and your family with nothing to eat for weeks… and put your life in danger. I'll show you how to provide enough food for your entire family with no risk whatsoever… you'll barely even know food crisis hit your town.
16 items you absolutely need to have on you during a short-term evacuation. All it takes is a medium-sized backpack and these small items and you're covered for up to 14 days.
How a slight change in your stockpiling strategy translates into 10 times more protection for your family against attacks and injuries. This technique will keep looters away from your house, while you'll be sitting on the giant goodie-bag everyone's looking for.
Nearly everyone forgets about this food item when stockpiling… although you see it in 99% of all recipes. When you start preparing, make sure you buy enough for 2 years… it costs about $8 and it practically never goes bad.
The #1 rule of stockpiling that no one ever tells you. Discover why all the other 'stockpiling recipes' are wrong… and how you can make your own money-saver strategy with almost no effort at all.

LIE #3:
Meds aren't that much of an issue… When crisis hits, people will fight for food, not for pills.

Attention: This is a highly dangerous myth… and it could have severe consequences if you don't treat it carefully.
There's no doubt that food is crucial… and people will surely fight like rabid dogs over basic items like bread, wheat and canned soup.
But think about it: If a disaster strikes and there's no access to medication… every minor injury, every cough and every splitting headache can turn into a tragedy! Could you live with such agonizing pressure?
Just ask yourself this: what will your diabetic spouse do without her insulin shots? What will your kids do if they get injured… or develop a painful infection? What if you get delirious fever and can't get even get out of bed… when your whole family depends on YOU?
The answer is simple and natural: Herbal medicine. John Lahan is specialized in survival medicine and has treated hundreds of soldiers in Afghanistan – some of them severely injured, others suffering from illnesses like stomach ulcer, kidney stones and even helped a friend keep his diabetes under control.
He's dedicated a special part of the manual to herbal medicine, to help you treat any health problem your family may suffer from… in a simple and quick way.
Here's just a sneak peak of the medical secrets he shares:
Nature's little known emergency detox remedy. This amazing plant eliminates the most dangerously toxic substances from your body (even mercury and heavy metals!)
6 crucial precautions you need to take when using herbal medicine at home. Discover the safe way to use natural remedies… and avoid the most common mistakes that make symptoms worse instead of better.
The "underground" secret that helps you instantly sooth burning stomach aches. This remedy will take away all the pain and bloating you inevitably get during a food crisis – due to changes in your eating habits.
The common veggie that protects you and your family against illness. This 'lost secret' of medicine boosts your immune system and destroys parasites, with no help from toxic pills.
Treat the most common illness after a major natural disaster… only with a cup of tea. Save yourself the pain and dehydration that usually follows a natural disaster... with the help of a 10 minute healing infusion.
Sting anemia away with the help of a nasty little plant. 10 ml of juice every day will be enough to get anyone back on his feet in just a week.
Many more remedies that you can get for less than $3!

LIE #4:
The grid could NEVER be down for more than a week!

Just a fact: Last winter in Minnesota, the grid was down for 3 weeks after a 6-day blizzard. And it wasn't the worst one I've seen… Just imagine if a mega-disaster the size of Katrina strikes and damages the grid like never before…
And what if it fails in the middle of winter… forcing your family to sleep in freezing cold? What would you do to keep them warm? How would you cook for them?... And how would you protect them against looters, thieves and rapists?If you don't have a strong back-up power source, everything you own… and everything you love… will be under constant terror. And, given the obscene price of these alternative energy generators… most American households are one disaster away from experiencing this terror first hand.
But what most Americans don't know is that there's a way to make your own back-up power sources… without spending $10,000s on solar panel systems and green water heaters.
John Lahan has made more than 12 of these power generators with his own two hands, after his father – ex-military as well – showed him how to build them before he joined the army. And now, he shows you how to generate energy in your home:
Save up to $27,000 on retail solar panels by making your own. All it takes is one free weekend -- and you don't need to be a techie, everything is in plain English, detailed instructions that a 12 year old can follow
How to build a portable generator with $2 – and no more than 5 dirt-cheap parts you can find at any electronics store
Discover the 4 simple ways to tell if your home is indeed the right place to harness wind power. It will take no more than 5 minutes, but it can change your life forever.
How to sell electricity back to the grid… Not only will you save $1.000s on energy bills, but your electric company will actually pay YOU for "cheating" their system.
Discover exactly how much power you can get from your wind turbine. No technical gibberish, just a list with devices you can power in and around your home.
The 'secret' device that cuts energy waste. This little trick will help you conserve up to 40% more power and save you a load of money.
Many more step-by-step instructions to produce free electricity in your home that you'll only find in this manual

I told you this one-of-a-kind survival manual covers absolutely EVERYTHING you'd ever need in a long-term crisis… so you can rest assure your family is safe and sound… even if your whole town is sunk in hunger and misery.

You see, I thought I was really prepared for whatever may come: my wife and I had been stockpiling for 4 months already… we'd bought all sorts of tools and defense systems (which cost us almost $18, 000!)… and piles of survival manuals on Amazon and Clickbank.
But in the first couple of hours of his workshop… John PROVED that none of us, concerned Americans… are really ready for what's going to happen in the U.S.
And that no amount of food, tools or books can ever guarantee your family's survival… if you don't know the RIGHT methods to go through a long-term crisis (without going hungry or getting ill!).
But now you can find ALL these survival methods, techniques and survival strategies… PLUS a load more practical information, full checklists of survival items… and tested survival plans… all included in The Long-Term Family Survival Course.