Grind your own food and enjoy a healthy life style.

Designed to last many lifetimes!
Voted the best in 2 consumer magazines
Industrial quality
Requires 30% less energy to turn
Easy dial self-locking adjustment
Large hopper holds 2 lbs of wheat
Hand-cast solid aluminum body
Easy conversion to electric motor or horse drawn energy.

Being Prepared for History by Jack Jenkins
The day will come when (History - a sure template of the future - leaves no question that it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when') the wonderful luxury of having all of the ingredients that we're accustomed to for our favorite recipes might be severely limited.
In Western Washington, where I live, if just two key bridges went down because of a disaster (man made or natural) the stores would be empty in less than six hours and it could be weeks or even months, depending on the scope of the disaster, before they could be replenished.
Just having a prudent grain storage and a quality hand grain mill (for some reason the Country Living Grain Mill springs to mind) could literally be a life saver for you and your family.
For example the luscious waffles pictured at the left were made without oil or eggs - and they could have been made without baking powder too.*
I whipped them up (notice the date on the photos) the same morning that I milled the wheat on my Country Living Mill and substituted one half cup of a blended up raw apple - or apple sauce if you will-
( I found a few left hanging on my Melrose apple tree) in place of the eggs and oil. The recipe for whole wheat waffles, and other whole wheat goodies, are available.

Finest hand grain mill in the world . . .



Horse power used on grain mill . . .



The Lake . . .


Installing corn/bean auger . . .

One of these included in each S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER