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After a few days or weeks it becomes apparent that longer term survival assisstance may be required. Although preparation is not cheap it can mean the difference between a comfortable existence in times of crises and a meager existance on the edge of worry and uncertainty.

S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) can be transported to a location of your choice FULLY LOADED when needed or in preparation for an unforseen circumstance in the future. Our high-tech inclusions will enable a family or group to survive for short, medium and longer terms and our SAS military advice partners and suppliers (some of which supply World Military Organisations) work together to ensure that all the bits you will need to assist you to provide shelter, food, water, warmth, health and general sustinance are included. The ability to deliver the portable life support systems to almost any location in Australia and overseas, quickly and efficiently by road, rail, water and air offers peace of mind to those willing to insure against or respond to Mother Nature's or man made events.
Smart Outdoor Survival for a World of Change is our catch cry - you never know what is around the corner of life. Being prepared for all circumstances is the answer . . .

Cataclysms, disasters, catastrophes, crises, calamities, and emergencies. They happen more often than we'd like. They can range anywhere from a major earthquake, to a blizzard, to an uncontrolled wildfire, to a localized house fire. The best way to survive any calamity is to be prepared. But how does one go about preparing for who knows what? It all seems so ambiguous and far removed from where we live our daily lives. We get up, take the kids to school, go to work, come home, eat, watch a little TV, go to bed and do it again the next day (with a few vacations thrown in for good measure). But then something happens a flood that wipes you out overnight. Perhaps a hurricane (like the now infamous Katrina) and you realize more fully how quickly an emergency can arise.




The simple BUG OUT BOX provides FOOD ONLY PANTRY, FOOD & WATER and MODULAR OPTIONS for three day, one month and three month solutions. Check out our web site for details.




is a PURPOSE-SUPPLIED FULLY LOADED shipping container capable of assisting you to stay alive for 1 to 12 months in the event of a disaster or the need to quickly relocate. For sports and leisure pursuits they can be delivered, used and picked up afterwards. In our own comfortable routines, we are lulled into a sense of cocooned safety which leads to complacency.
There are many applications indeed for S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS but in the end it is about peace of mind in times of crisis. The contents we supply inside the containers can be rolled out for external use as required (see examples below). Plenty of space for couples or families and full amenities and air-con make their use very tempting when custom built. It is the AMAZING ARRAY OF EQUIPMENT and knowledge that makes S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS a truly useful product for any emergency or 'OFF THE GRID' REQUIREMENT. Shipping containers make this possible because they are robust and easily transportable. You can arrange them like mechano sets to suit your requirements. But we go the EXTRA-mile. With our background in design and high tech automation we are able to prep a container to provide short or medium term survival when circumstances require. And all you have to do is order to your specification and we deliver FULLY-LOADED.

Because the container is lockable, water proof and vermin proof you have peace of mind, and with long term food supplies on board you insure against lack of provisions when cirumstances occur or hedge against rising food prices. It's that simple!! Fully tailored to your requirements for couples, families, friends, sporting groups and more. It doesn't matter if it's a situation that happens in your home, in your community, at the workplace, at a state or national level... if you're not prepared, the cost of that inaction can be greater than anything you've ever imagined. An ice storm in left thousands without power for a week or longer. Few were prepared. Major floods overwhelmed. Thousands fled water-filled homes, but it was a week or more before power was restored. Because of flood contamination, there was no drinking water, and the sewers were overflowing from the deluge. Hurricanes devastate coastal areas and once again, all systems of infrastructure they had relied upon for years were gone in a moment. The wise be prepared!


TO THIS . . . 20/40ft shipping container . . .

and a lot in between.
We package survival equipment, food and water into these containers and provide a one stop shop solution for your outdoor survival needs. You can start small with a single BUG-OUT BOX for 3 days survival and work up to a 40ft shipping container that will provide up to 12 months survival living.

We deliver almost anywhere on the planet. You can choose where to store your SOS EMERGENCY CONATINER or we can store it for you. Store food and water only or an entire survival range of equipment, medications, tools, communications, shelter and more. It's simple to organise with one call.

Delivery to almost anywhere on the planet!


for this many . . .

ULTIMATE SURVIVAL . . . When you want the ultimate survival kit then our 40FT container will supply even more equipment including transport equipment. With a host of food, water, shelter, communications equipment, tools, transport (quad bike, tinny with motor, kiak etc.)



S.O.S. EMERGENCY 3 DAY BUGOUT BOX- everyone should have one ready!

S.O.S. EMERGENCY 3 MONTH MODULAR SURVIVAL SOLUTION - three/four space boxes which can be purchased all at once or over time with food, water, shelter, cooking, communications and essentials split accross the three modules. Colour coded for easy identification will fit in most vehicles.

S.O.S. SURVIVAL PANTRY (food & water only in a shipping container cube)

20ft, 40ft - short, medium and longer term survival solutions - disaster recovery.

for mines, construction, aged care, corporate, civic, military, leisure pursuits etc, Shipping containers transformed into working or living accomodation.


Remote Ablution Block Specs . . .
1 x Fully Painted High Cube Shipping Container (20’ x 9’6”)
1 x Flush handle personnel door with dead lock
1 x Fully Insulated Roof Only
1 x Insulated Partition Wall
1 x Single man urinal
1 x Toilets + Fittings + Recess
2 x Toilet Partitions
3 x Small Vented Windows
2 x Fans
1 x Hand Basins Cold Water
1 x S/S mirror
1 x Vent
1 x Whirlybird
1 x 2000L water tank
3 x Solar panels
4 x Solar batteries in secure box
1 x Water pump
3hrs constant running time
Optional Sump and fittings

LIVING IN THE BOX . . . And what about a more homely survival solutions based on customising shipping containers for all sorts of requirements. Luxury living items are included. We can turn shipping containers into outdoor survival homes with all the amenities and ship to your nominated location. You can also bury the shipping containers to create an underground refuge! Store food, water, supplies and much more. We can build your perfect accommodation, creating a spacious solution by combining several units with each other. Units can be stacked on top of each other & joined by an internal or external staircase to create a multi-storey unit. An accommodation solution incorporating 4 x 40' units has plenty of space to include 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, office, bathroom including toilet, shower & basin, dining room, lounge room & balcony.WE ALSO HAVE ACCESSORIES IN THE CUSTOM BUILD CONTAINERS:
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An ablution unit that can be used almost anywhere without the need of power and water services. Our remote ablution unit is solar powered with battery storage that can run the unit continuously for 3 hrs (with a maximum of 6 hrs with a battery upgrade). It also has timed power switches that can be set to turn off after a certain time to conserve energy. Featuring a 2000L water tank and pump that supplies two cubicals, one with a toilet and the other with a urinal, and a stainless steel wash basin.

Ablution toilet


wash basin

Power inverter

2000L tank

Solar panels

Solar pump

Solar lights

Solar batteries

vented window


We have a range of designs available, though if you have a particular layout in mind we can create an ablution block or portable bathroom to your specifications. Our ablution blocks can be fitted with toilets, urinals, wash basins, benches, showers, fans and mirrors and come in a range of sizes. Our portable toilet blocks are useful at construction sites, holiday parks and music festivals.

What's On Your Preparedness List? Do You Even Have a List? The recent ice and snow in the US Southeast this winter drove home an inconvenient truth. If you try to prepare for an emergency while it's upon you, you will fail. The words "snow" and "ice" had barely left the meteorologist's mouth before Walmart's parking lot was overflowing. Bread? Nothing left. Milk? Forget it. Canned goods? Nope. Water? Better figure out a way to melt ice and snow. I went home to cupboards that, while not bare, were not exactly stocked with items to get me through an ice storm. I was going to have to get pretty creative. And then it happened. My central unit died. I didn't even have an alternative heat source. There was no sense in getting out to find a spot heater either. Those were gone before the bread and milk. I wasn't too smart. I had let my "I'll take care of that tomorrow" attitude get in the way of smart thinking and preparation, and now I faced something that could, if events ran along the same vein as the last ice storm we faced, put me in a perilous situation. I didn't even have a list that I was keeping of items I needed. It was all in my head, stuffed in the back behind what I considered more important things and pursuits.

An inconvenient truth. . . . If you try to prepare for an emergency while it's upon you, you will fail! If you were placed in a situation where the TV newscasters were warning you to get out of an area or batten down the hatches, would you be prepared? Would you even know how to prepare? If you answered "No" to both those questions, don't worry... you're not alone. According to an article in the December edition of USA Today, "The non-profit Council for Excellence in Government has developed a Public Readiness Index as part of its report, rating people's preparedness on a one-to-10 scale based on answers to 10 questions. The questions range from whether people know about their community's disaster plan and how to find the emergency broadcasting channel on the radio, to whether they've prepared a home disaster kit and established a meeting place for family members.The average score on the index was 3.31. And this more than five years after 9/11 and a little more than a year after the devastating hurricanes that wiped out New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The thing most dangerous to a nation's citizens doesn't appear to be their government. It seems to be their complacency.






How it Works . . .
The pack consists of an outer foil cooking pouch and 2 inner plastic heat pads containing sachets of reactants. Add water to a freeze dried meal pouch to reconstitute it and then put it into the foil cooking pouch. Add water to the inner heat pads to initiate the reaction.
The sachets in the heat pads contain mixed powdered magnesium, powdered iron and salt. When water is added to the heat bags the salt forms an electrolyte solution, the iron acts as an anode, the magnesium acts as a cathode, and the magnesium oxidises at an increased rate giving off strong heat.
The product will not generate flame or sufficient heat to cause ignition. Sounds complicated BUT EASY TO USE - watch video

S.O.S EMERGENCY CUISINE is easy to prepare and great tasting because of the features of our Freeze Dri process. This combines quick-to-hydrate, freeze-dried vegetables and meats with sauce mixes that have been processed to retain their natural flavours. The result is delicious meals that can be prepared in the pack in 10 minutes with the addition of boiling water. In the freeze drying process, crystals of frozen ice in the food are sublimed (evaporated) to water vapour in a vacuum chamber. The result is a completely dry product that does not shrink during the drying process. When prepared for eating, the water quickly gets into the pores left by the ice crystals to give a juicy, tender food product. After packing, the food is heat-sealed in foil pouches from which all the air has been removed and replaced with nitrogen gas. This keeps the food safe and flavoursome for at least three years without the need for preservatives. Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity. There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fat to provide an energy store (oils and fats are kept within the recommended maximum of 30% of total energy). Freeze drying retains the natural vitamins in the food because of the low temperatures used in processing. Along with naturally occuring minerals and the addition of salt, the meals provide vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy.
When you need it most the situation is probable that medical supplies may be required. We pack the basics and a lot more ready for most in-field requirements. In addition clients can prescribe their own personal medications for inclusion in the S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS. A reality check from people who know . . . Queensland floods recenty devestated many people and an entire State of Australia. Sure it has happened before ( a long time ago) but climatic changes and being touted on every news channel around the world. There may not be much in it - then again like insurance against a car accident, can you afford not to BE PREPARED? The S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS include emergency accomodation and survival stuff all packed into a container. You choose how much stuff and how big the container and we deliver it to your location. Fully self sufficient the kit will assist with short to medium term survival when quick response to a circumstance is needed. There's plenty of survival stuff so having it all on standby offers peace of mind in extreme circumstances. In the USA many people are now preparing for short term and medium term survival. There are UTube videos by the hundreds showing innovative ways to use shipping containers for emergency or longer term accomodation and survival. It's happening now and US trends typically end up here as well. Join two together and make a home. Join three and make an even bigger home etc. With pull down sides, windows , furniture and more you might even think its a home away from home at any time. Or for the growing list of mortgage-impossible families, an S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS on a block somewhere out there may be the difference between life and well a very uncomfortable existence. So we are about BEING PREPARED in ADVANCE with high tech designed solutions that provide basics for human life which you can up and move at any time or use as a fire protection bunker or underground shelter. Not visible from the air when covered to specifications, these SMART SURVIVAL kits when buried in the ground or side of a hill offer seclusion from unwanted communications.




Our rainforest research facility cost us about $16,000 AUS all up including two containers, trucking the containers some 500km, screening in the cargo doors, steel, cement, sand and gravel, nuts, bolts,three carports, C-section, screens, timber, decking oil and painting - the lot. We have 30sqm of totally dry sleepng area, 15sqm of mostly dry cooking area and 45sqm of covered sitting out area - a total of 90sqm undercover.This year we had exceptionally high rainfall. The containers stayed dry and free of insects or vermin despite an astounding 8m of intense tropical rain! Our research centre completed. The idea is to build something simple and liveable. We are very satisfied with the shipping containers. The site, in Far North Queensland, is situated in dense tropical rainforest. The area has slippery red lateritic clays and gets about 6m of rain per year. The area has many snakes and troublesome white tail rats. It was decided to raise the containers onto 1.5m concrete stumps to keep them out of the wet, to keep them out of the splash and to keep rats and snakes out. We did not try to level the ground as it would break the protective root cover and result in erosion. UNDERGROUND SHELTER . . .Yes you can bury a shipping container for a number or project outcomes. Wine cellars, bunkers, storage, survival and more. Put yours underground and with above ground landscaping no one will know you are even there. Best of all our S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER kits are ideal to keep you going while you arrange the excavations and more.


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